2020 Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge

This is the sixth year of the Read Harder Challenge and my fourth year participating.  This challenge really does help me “break out of your reading bubble and expand your worldview through books”.  This year’s challenge seems relatively easy, or rather, not too far from what I normally read. The only one that’s a little challenging is the play, which I won’t imagine picking up to read unless I’m in a class, lol. 

1. Read a YA nonfiction book – Tisha

2. Read a retelling of a classic of the canon, fairytale, or myth by an author of color – Revenge of the Mooncake Vixen

3. Read a mystery where the victim(s) is not a woman – The Fire Kimono

4. Read a graphic memoir – Dare to Disappoint

5. Read a book about a natural disaster – The Preservationist

6. Read a play by an author of color and/or queer author – Yellow Face

7. Read a historical fiction novel not set in WWII: A Mercy

8. Read an audiobook of poetry – Poetry of K.Y. Robinson

9 Read the LAST book in a series – Silvertongue

10. Read a book that takes place in a rural setting: Driving Over Lemons

11. Read a debut novel by a queer author: You Should See Me in a Crown

12. Read a memoir by someone from a religious tradition (or lack of religious tradition) that is not your own: The Betrayal

13. Read a food book about a cuisine you’ve never tried before: Gastronaut

14. Read a romance starring a single parent: Born to Bite

15. Read a book about climate change: South Pole Station

16. Read a doorstopper (over 500 pages) published after 1950, written by a woman: Midnight Sun

17. Read a sci-fi/fantasy novella (under 120 pages): The Artemis Fowl Files (includes two novellas)

18. Read a picture book with a human main character from a marginalized community: The Last Story of Mina Lee

19. Read a book by or about a refugee: I Shall Not Hate

20. Read a middle grade book that doesn’t take place in the U.S. or the UK: Lara’s Gift

21. Read a book with a main character or protagonist with a disability (fiction or non): Ghost Boy

22. Read a horror book published by an indie press: Slightly Spooky Stories

23. Read an edition of a literary magazine (digital or physical): Tiny Words

24. Read a book in any genre by a Native, First Nations, or Indigenous author: The Song the Owl God Sang

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