Religious Vegetarianism

by Walters and Portmess

What interested me in the book is the section on Pythagorean vegetarianism. I know Pythagoras from my math class in school, but it’s news to me that he’s vegetarian, and that part of his philosophy is so close to Buddhism.

“For I have already been once a boy and a gril, a bush and a bird and a leaping journeying fish.”

“We should permit bodies which may possibly have sheltered the souls of our parents or brothers, or those joined to us by some other bond, or of men at least, to be uninjured and respected, and not load our stomaches as with a Thyestean banquet!”

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Awakening The Buddhist Heart

by Lama Surya Das

I really like this book. A wise book. Here are just some of the things I enjoyed and would like to remember.

The Practice of Tonglen: Breathe in the pain, anxiety, pollution, imagine yourself as a karmic clearner, breathe out the light, the clean air, joy, blessings, peace and love. Send out light, radiating out all your blessings and well-being.
The story of Saraha: The Indian yogi one day asked his wife to bring him radish curry. However, when she brought the dish to him, he was in deep meditation, and was in that stage for 12 years. Then, he suddenly stood up and asked for his curry. The wife replied, “You call this meditation? You spent twelve years sitting, mentally holding an illusory radish!” And thus he is enlightened.

The Scholar Monk: The renowned monk travelled around in ancient
China, going from monastery to monastery with his weighty tomes of written sutras, Dharma teachings and his own lectures. One day, he came to rest at a little tea shack. The old woman there asked if he could teach some dharma. The rather arrogant monk replied, pointing to the manuscripts, “all my Dharma is over there, can you read, old lady?” And she replied, “what a burden that much be to carry your Dharma outside of yourself. What good does it do?” The monk, enlightened, then bowed and said, “Thank you. I will leave them here for you to use as firewood.”

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