A Very Yellow Release

Bally decides to stay home today and read some books.  He comes across this very yellow-looking book.


It’s a cookbook, and Bally starts drooling as he flips the pages.  He comes across this recipe for hamburgers and starts craving for one.


So Bally starts making his burger.  Alas, the onion is making him cry!!Image

And he makes a bloody mess of the tomatoes!


Then he burns his beef patty.Image

The still hungry Bally decides to go hunt for food instead.

Look, what’s this Yellow Submarine?Image

It’s a food truck!  Hmmm… they have yellow hamburger and yellow dog!  (Here’s a link to the menu)Image

Bally decides to order a yellow dog.Image

The hot dog is topped with crushed pineapple and potato chips.  It’s delicious!!Image

Now with a full stomach of yellow dog and fries, Bally is feeling happy again.  He reaches the conclusion, like many guys do, that life is quite enjoyable without the need to cook.  However, while an average dude may just trash a cookbook, Bally being Bally, he decides to release it at the back of the truck for a lucky reader.Image

If this release looks very yellow to you, that’s because it was originally scripted for the Yellow release in the BC Monopoly game.  Unfortunately, torrential rain and rambling truck made me unable to do the release as planned.  So here it goes, an “underwater” release for the last round of BookCrossing Monopoly.

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