How To Make A Bally Roll

In the BookCrossing Monopoly game, this round we landed on “restaurant”. Looks like it’s time to take Bally to wine and dine. Turns out Bally likes sushi. In fact, he likes it so much he’s turned into one!

First, we have to decide what book to release. As the organizer of the Yummy Yummy Bookbox, I have no shortage of food-themed titles. I settle on this one, In The Miso Soup. It’s a thriller with quite a bit of gore.

I get a sheet of yellow foam (from Michael’s) to cover the book.

Now on to make a Bally Roll. I need a white towel, and a strip of black paper.

Bally is ready to roam!

Tada!! Bally Roll!!

Now Bally is ready to strike. I take him to this merry-go-round sushi place, or in Japanese, kaiten zushi. I love kaiten zushi since I was in high school, because it doesn’t feel awkward to eat alone, it is fun to watch the sushi parading by, and I can just eat enough to fit my student budget.

Look! There is some tamago sushi! Hmmm, they look kinda like Bally Roll, don’t they?

Bally decides to fill to his belly first – with a banana nutella roll, which he enjoys very much.

Well, it’s time! Bally hops onto the sushi boat, and float gently down the stream. Merrily merrily merrily, there a book goes free!

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