World Book Night 2012

I’m a bit late but here’s a recap for my World Book Night books giveaway.

The book I gave away is one of my favorite read from last year, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian. I picked up my book from Barnes & Noble, though next year I probably would get it from the local bookstore instead, even if it means driving further and paying for parking. They hosted a WBN party, not to mention that they likely have a better idea what WBN is.

The Barnes & Nobles staff was totally clueless. First person thought I ordered a book but of course couldn’t find my order. I explained to the next person I was here to pick up books for WBN. She totally didn’t understand what WBN is. “Is that a school project?”

Third person, who took 15 min to appear, said yes he knows about WBN. Then he gave me a bookmark and said, yes, WBN, it’s next week, you come and we give away free books. I was like, umm, I don’t believe that’s how it works… I am supposed to be the one giving the books away! When I explained that I received an email to pick up a box of books, the response was: “oh, the books are here already? I thought it’s next week?” “Yes, I need them this week so I can give them out next week!”

Anyway, I got the books. I made some BookCrossing labels to put in the books.

When the day of the event arrived, I and a friend went out to give away our books. We went to Starbucks, Cold Stone Creamery, Pei Wei, and a few other locations. Mostly the response is enthusiastic, although a few are quite adamant that they do NOT read books. There were several groups of college students at Starbucks, I thought they may like the books. Apparently I oversaw the fact that they were knee deep in a pile of books already, working on projects or cramming for exams, and the last thing they ever want was another book.

I was also surprised at how incredulous people felt when I told them the books were free. Free? Really free? No string attached? No donation taken? Come to think of it, I guess I am just spoiled by BookCrossing. What with the book buffet at conventions, the OBCZs, and the generous RABCKs given by other BookCrossers, I’ve taken free books as a fact of life.

Anyway, here are some pictures I’ve taken.

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A Read-a-thon in memory of Holly

Yesterday I learned of the sad news that a BookCrosser and BookObsesser I know, NWPassage – real name Holly, passed away.  

While I have never met her in person, we’ve known each other via the online community.  Over the years, she had sent me books and I her.  

I read her blog, and her post on Dec 31 2011 brings tears to my eyes – 

“The internets tell me that following a diagnosis of stage IV stomach cancer, on average a person lives 6 months without treatment & a year with. So my six months are up. If I’d lived a hundred years ago, I’d probably be dead or nearly so by now. So everything from here on out is a gift from modern medical science. And I am grateful. But also greedy. I want more, all the life I can get, damnit! But I’ve also more or less, most days, come to terms with the fact that the length of my life is pretty much out of my control. True, that’s the way it is for most of us, but most people have the luxury of ignoring that fact at 33 – I don’t.

What this whole stupid fucking cancer experience has driven home to me, is that I love my life. I like vegging out, puttering around in a house I love. Cuddling with the most amazing man in the world on the couch, watching our stories. Harassing my cats. Curling with Team Awesome & hanging out with my friends. Going to work Monday through Friday with great people. Visiting my family. Traveling with my honey, whether it’s somewhere exotic or just to the next town. This is what I want, for as long as I can have it.

It’s funny, I always thought I had all this wasted potential, that someday if I just got my shit together I’d do something amazing. But maybe it’s OK to just enjoy this quiet little life, and never set the world on fire. Maybe just enjoying each day is more than enough.”

On BookObsessed, we decide to have a Read-a-thon in June in her memory.  For those of us who have books on our TBR shelf from her, we will read them during the Read-a-thon.  Otherwise, we will pick something that she liked, some books she had enjoyed reading, by checking her Permanent Collection shelf on BookCrossing.  We will also do a fundraising (usually by how many books the group will read) and donate the money to a cancer cause.

I can’t think of a more befitting way to honor a fellow booklover.  Please join us in this read-a-thon!  

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