Good Luck : Creating the Conditions for Success in Life and Business

by Alex Rovira & Fernando Trias de Bes

In the style of Who Moved My Cheese, here’s another light-weight book with a profound message wrapped in a parable. Throughout the fairy-tale-like story of a knight on a quest for the lucky four-leaf clover, the Rules of Good Luck (versus good luck, the type where you win the lottery) was introduced. A few of them are:1. Good Luck is created by each of us, that’s why it lasts forever.
2. Many are those who want Good Luck but few are those willing to pursue it.
3. To have Good Luck, you must create new conditions.
4. Creating conditions by helping others makes Good Luck more likely to appear
5. If you postpone the creation of new condition, Good Luck never arrives… Do it today!
6. Creating Good Luck consists only in… creating the conditions. So Good Luck depends only on you!

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