2023 Popsugar Reading Challenge

My sixth year of this challenge. The year has started off slow – in reading, not in life… Mid March already and I’m only 15th books in. I kept thinking I must have missed journaling some books but nope, I am just not reading much… Hopefully I can finish this year’s challenge.

1. A book you meant to read in 2022: The Book of Jonah
2. A book you bought from an independent bookstore
3. A book about a vacation: Ella in Europe
4. A book by a first-time author: Crossings
5. A book with mythical creatures: The School for Good and Evil
6. A book about a forbidden romance: The Palace of Illusions
7. A book with “Girl” in the title: Paper Girls #1
8. A celebrity memoir
9. A book with a color in the title: Chasing Redbird
10. A romance with a fat lead
11. A book about or set in Hollywood: Beautiful Ruins
12. A book published in spring 2023
13. A book published the year you were born
14. A modern retelling of a classic: The Palace of Illusions
15. A book with a song lyric as its title: Last Train to Paradise
16. A book where the main character’s name is in the title: Tua and the Elephant
17. A book with a love triangle: Mary Modern
18. A book that’s been banned or challenged in any state in 2022: The Bluest Eye
19. A book that fulfills your favorite prompt from a past challenge
20. A book becoming a TV series or movie in 2023
21. A book set in the decade you were born:
22. A book with a queer lead
23. A book with a map: Babel
24. A book with a rabbit on the cover: Drawing Europe Together
25. A book with just text on the cover
26. The shortest book (by pages) on your TBR list
27. A #BookTok recommendation
28. A book you bought secondhand: Last Train to Paradise
29. A book your friend recommended: Babel
30. A book that’s on a celebrity book-club list
31. A book about a family: The Snow Child
32. A book that comes out in the second half of 2023
33. A book about an athlete/sport: The Naked Olympics
34. A historical-fiction book: Pushing the Bear
35. A book about divorce
36. A book you think your best friend would like
37. A book you should have read in high school: The Devil in Vienna
38. A book you read more than 10 years ago
39. A book you wish you could read for the first time again
40. A book by an author with the same initials as you

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