2021 Book Riot Read Harder Challenge

i managed to finish this year’s challenge with a week or so to spare, yay!! The has quite a lot of LGBTQ+ and POC representation, which honestly does push my boundary a bit, in a good way. Definitely would not have read those books if not for the challenge, and I don’t regret reading them.

Read a book you’ve been intimidated to read: We of the Never-Never
Read a nonfiction book about anti-racism: This Is What America Looks Like
Read a non-European novel in translation: Before the Coffee Gets Cold
Read an LGBTQ+ history book: Gentleman Jack
Read a genre novel by an Indigenous, First Nations, or Native American author: The Master Butcher Singing Club
Read a fanfic: Hikaru’s Game (Hikaru no Go + Ender’s Game)
Read a fat-positive romance: Fat Chance, Charlie Vega
Read a romance by a trans or nonbinary author: If I Was Your Girl
Read a middle grade mystery: Lady Margaret’s Ghost
Read an SFF anthology edited by a person of color: Love After the End
Read a food memoir by an author of color: Eat a Peach
Read a work of investigative nonfiction by an author of color: Push Out
Read a book with a cover you don’t like: Keeper of the Female Medicine Bundle
Read a realistic YA book not set in the U.S., UK, or Canada: Goong
Read a memoir by a Latinx author: In the Dream House
Read an own voices book about disability: Waking
Read an own voices YA book with a Black main character that isn’t about Black pain: A River of Royal Blood
Read a book by/about a non-Western world leader: Peace Is Every Breath
Read a historical fiction with a POC or LGBTQ+ protagonist: The Book of Salt
Read a book of nature poems: Poems for a Small Park
Read a children’s book that centers a disabled character but not their disability: Brightstorm
Read a book set in the Midwest: My Two Moms
Read a book that demystifies a common mental illness: Losing My MInd
Read a book featuring a beloved pet where the pet doesn’t die: Bring Jade Home

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