World Book Night 2012

I’m a bit late but here’s a recap for my World Book Night books giveaway.

The book I gave away is one of my favorite read from last year, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian. I picked up my book from Barnes & Noble, though next year I probably would get it from the local bookstore instead, even if it means driving further and paying for parking. They hosted a WBN party, not to mention that they likely have a better idea what WBN is.

The Barnes & Nobles staff was totally clueless. First person thought I ordered a book but of course couldn’t find my order. I explained to the next person I was here to pick up books for WBN. She totally didn’t understand what WBN is. “Is that a school project?”

Third person, who took 15 min to appear, said yes he knows about WBN. Then he gave me a bookmark and said, yes, WBN, it’s next week, you come and we give away free books. I was like, umm, I don’t believe that’s how it works… I am supposed to be the one giving the books away! When I explained that I received an email to pick up a box of books, the response was: “oh, the books are here already? I thought it’s next week?” “Yes, I need them this week so I can give them out next week!”

Anyway, I got the books. I made some BookCrossing labels to put in the books.

When the day of the event arrived, I and a friend went out to give away our books. We went to Starbucks, Cold Stone Creamery, Pei Wei, and a few other locations. Mostly the response is enthusiastic, although a few are quite adamant that they do NOT read books. There were several groups of college students at Starbucks, I thought they may like the books. Apparently I oversaw the fact that they were knee deep in a pile of books already, working on projects or cramming for exams, and the last thing they ever want was another book.

I was also surprised at how incredulous people felt when I told them the books were free. Free? Really free? No string attached? No donation taken? Come to think of it, I guess I am just spoiled by BookCrossing. What with the book buffet at conventions, the OBCZs, and the generous RABCKs given by other BookCrossers, I’ve taken free books as a fact of life.

Anyway, here are some pictures I’ve taken.

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