The Sugar Queen

by Sarah Addison Allen

sugar queen
I totally love this book. I didn’t expect much of it, it is not my usual type of read, but being a selection of my book club, I figure I will give it a try. Once I started, I couldn’t put it down. I took it along while I went dinner w my hubby, reading it while he read the menu, then finished it in bed. (Yeah my poor hubby…)

Josey Cirrini is the only child of the late, great Marco Cirrini, who came to Bald Slope and almost single-handedly brought prosperity to the small town. Now living with her aged and disapproving mother and a maid, Josey is a sorry excuse of Southern belle. She hides candies in her closet and chauffeurs her mother to her hair appointments, teas and social clubs, the day only livens by the visit of the handsome mailman.

Then one morning she found someone hiding in her closet. Della Lee, a local waitress with a bad reputation, decides to camp out in Josey’s closet while she breaks up with her boyfriend. One part nemesis and two parts fairy godmother, Della Lee has stirred up Josey’s stagnant life, and nothing is the same here on.

Like Garden Spells, the story has a tinge of magical element in it: people who literally can’t break their promises, a girl’s temper and passion can boil water and fry eggs, and books showing up mysteriously (and we are not talking about BookCrossing)… giving the story an unusual charm. The characters, however, are very flesh and blood. The author never did quite explain why Josey was such a horrid child, though. Other than that, the characters are solidly portrayed. Together the realism and magic weaves an enchanting tale of love and friendship.

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