Read-a-thon Hour 20

Did a power nap so I think I am ready to do it through the end!

I did the Yoga Challenge, which is a great idea. Urgh, how did my bones creak!!

As for Pet Love Challenge, right on! My parrotlet, like me, loves to devour books, just in a different way. When I have a pile of books to register or journal, I learn not to let him out the cage.

I thought he would find the leaves of a pineapple too pricky, but he stood there for a while.

This is him all silly faced with corn on his beak. Whenever I have lunch/dinner, he will come by to inspect my food. Sometimes he will try a bit of it, sometimes he will walk away with clear disgust on his face.

I realize I don’t have a photo of him caught in his crime, but he likes to punch little holes on paper. In fact, we feel that we can start a document shredding business. He can safely dispose of any sensitive documents for you!

A few times I have to apologize on my BookCrossing journal about my parrotlet eating the book:

And my rabbit too… though now I don’t keep any.

Time: 4:10pm

Currently Reading:

by Elaine Dandh

Reading Location:TV room sofa

Total Pages read so far: 682

Enrique’s Journey: pg 25 – 300 (276)
The House at Sugar Beach (audio) pg 116 – 202 (87)
Graphic Classics: Robert Louis Stevenson: pg 70-139 (70)
Soup: pg xi-164 (166)
Memsahib: pg 9-91 (83)

Total Time spent reading so far: 10 h 5 min
8:30am – 9:00pm Enrique’s Journey: pg 25 – 50 (30 min)
9:40am – 10:20am The House at Sugar Beach (audio) pg 116 – 146 (45 min)
1:00pm – 2:30pm The House at Sugar Beach (audio) pg 147 – 202 (1 h 30 min)
3:10am – 5:10pm Enrique’s Journey: pg 51 – 178 (2 hr)
6:10pm – 7:10pm Graphic Classics: Robert Louis Stevenson: pg 70-139 (1 hr)
7:45pm – 9:15pm Enrique’s Journey: pg 179 – 300 (1 hr 30)
11:00pm – 12:20am Soup: pg xi-164 (1 hr 20 m)
12:30am – 2:00am Memsahib pg 9-91 (1 hr 30 m)

Other Readers I have visited:


Books I have munched on:

The House at Sugar Beach

The House at Sugar Beach: In Search of a Lost African Childhood
by Helene Cooper

Books I have finished:

Graphic Classics: Robert Louis Stevenson

Enrique's Journey

Enrique’s Journey
by Sonia Nazario

by Jon Gordon

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  1. I love the picture of your bird on the pineapple! Thanks for doing my mini challenge. 🙂

  2. You’re doing awesome! Love the bird pictures, he’s very cute, and that’s funny that he likes to shred paper! I have a kitty that does the same, we have to make sure to keep paper towels and toilet paper out of her reach or we get confetti!

    And now for my second bad song parody!

    Just dropping by for a quick cheer to get you through to the end! You can do it!

    (To the chorus of Jingle Bells)

    Oh, turn the page, turn the page
    Turn the page once more
    Oh what fun it is to read
    In the Dewey’s Read-a-thon hey!

    Glad we could read together today!

    Shaunie from Team Cocoa Puffs

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