Read-a-thon Hour 10

Got in two hours of solid reading. Really enjoyed Enrique’s Journey, about a Honduran boy’s journey to find his mother, who left him eleven years ago to work in the U.S. The hardship he and other immigrants faced as saddens me: they are robbed, beaten and raped by gangsters and polices alike, and many were mangled or even killed as they ride on the top of the train, or try scrambling aboard a moving one. Equally sad is how the mothers, out of desperation, have to leave their children behind to work illegally in the U.S. As they care for someone else’s children, they remember their own left behind. They are often abused and taken advantage of. Meanwhile, the children grow up wondering when their mother abandons them, and the toys and money sent is no replacement for a mother’s hug.

The bright part of the book is when the migrants pass through Oaxaca, Mexico. The people there, by no means wealthy, will greet a train as it comes by and throw food, drinks, blankets and clothes up to the hungry and thirsty migrants atop the train. Those with food, give food; those without, give bottles of water; those without, offer a prayer.

“If I have one tortilla, I give half away. I know God will bring me more.”

“God says, when I saw you naked, I clothed you. When I saw your hungry, I gave you food. This is what God teaches,” said the food throwers. They know the horror as some of their own struggled to reach the U.S. and they know the hardship is worse for those from Central America.

“If we don’t want to be stopped from going into the U.S., how can we stop Central Americans in our country?”

Then there is story of a volunteer, who uses her money to buy blood (yes, blood) and medicine to help the sick and injured migrants.

Gosh I cried so hard as I read.

Time: 5:38pm

Currently Reading:

Enrique's Journey

Reading Location:On my favorite papasan chair.

Total Pages read so far: 113

Enrique’s Journey: pg 25 – 178 (154)
The House at Sugar Beach (audio) pg 116 – 202 (87)

Total Time spent reading so far: 4 h 45 min
8:30am – 9:00pm Enrique’s Journey: pg 25 – 50 (30 min)
9:40am – 10:20am The House at Sugar Beach (audio) pg 116 – 146 (45 min)
1:00pm – 2:30pm The House at Sugar Beach (audio) pg 147 – 202 (1 h 30 min)
3:10am – 5:10pm Enrique’s Journey: pg 51 – 178 (2 hr)

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Books I have munched on:

Enrique's Journey

Enrique’s Journey
by Sonia Nazario

The House at Sugar Beach

The House at Sugar Beach: In Search of a Lost African Childhood
by Helene Cooper

Books I have finished:

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  1. Hey there! Enrique’s Journey sounds very emotional for sure!

    You’re on my official cheer list, so you get my bad song parody, lucky you! 😉

    Hope you’re having a great day!

    (To the tune of “Rawhide”)

    Readin’ Readin’ Readin’
    Keep those pages turnin’
    Your page count it’s a growin’
    It’s all about the Readin’

    So glad you could join us today!

    Shaunie from team CocoaPuffs

  2. Papasan chair is THE perfect place to read, huh?

    Hope you’re enjoying the readathon–looks like lots of productiveness going on in your neck of the woods.


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