BC Monopoly Release

In the BookCrossing Monopoly Game, our team landed on the square “Playground”, so we have to scout around for the perfect spot to do our release.

I found it in Aventura Mall, where they have built a super-kawaii is an indoor playground in front of Sears.

First I spot the rainbow. In the last round we have planned to use the book Wizard of Oz, but so happens my team mate fell ill and was not able to do the release. I thought, it would be perfect to just place Wizard of Oz over the rainbow. Then I looked again at the picture. What is that? A giant white… tadpole? Is it just me? Could I be the first person to notice that it looks like a …. very adorable giant sperm?

Now I found the perfect location I need the perfect book to go with it. As there isn’t time to shop online, I visited the local used book store, Book Barn. Not only did I find the perfect title, So That’s How I Was Born, I also caught a wild BC book! I was digging through the bins and noticed a Bally label on the spine. Turns out this book has been in the wild for almost 7 years!!

Anyway, we believe that fun and education should go together, so what’s more appropriate than releasing this title by the giant “tadpole”?

We hope that by leaving this book at this playground, when a little boy asks his daddy, “Daddy, what is this?”

“Er, it’s a wisp of cloud… a water sprout.. an eel… No actually I think it’s a tadpole..”

“A tadpole?”

“No, Bobby dear… I think it’s time you know. It’s a sperm.”

“What is a sperm? Do I have a sperm?”

Daddy can then confidently read from this book, “Well, only a daddy has a sperm and only a mommy has an egg. A sperm looks like a little fish or tadpole… it goes inside a mommy’s body, it swims to meet the mommy’s egg. When they join together, a baby starts to grow inside the mommy.”

I went to the mall on a weekday morning. There was an attendant so I was a bit worried that I may not be let in, but I guess I look harmless enough.

So tell me, what does it look like to you? My husband said it looks like a marshmallow, stubbornly refused to acknowledge that marshmallows don’t usually have tails… Hmm, is it just lack of imagination? Something more Freudian?

Soon after I released the book, a little boy discovered it.

But then the little boy walked away, and the attendant noticed the book on the floor. So I had to make a hurried exit in case she came after me. XD I am definitely not the wild release type of BCer!!

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  1. That playground looks very fun! Maybe if the “tadpole” were a different colour it wouldn’t look so spermatozoic

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