Love Triangles Mini Challenge

In my opinion, a well done love triangle should be one where the choice is not clear, where you can’t help but being torn yourself between both characters and you are uncertain as to which will end up being ‘the one’. So if you were, lets say Team Mr. Obvious from book 1, and he ended up getting the girl and you were stoked about it because you hated Mr. Wrong all along, that is NOT a good love-triangle. That is merely A love-triangle. Got it?

I am not a romance fan so I have a hard time thinking of love triangles. However, the first one pops up in my mind is The Host by Stephenie Meyer. It’s an interesting combination where an alien occupies a woman’s body, and they both love the guy who is the woman’s boyfriend before she is captured and the alien installed into her. This creates some rather unusual dynamics. In one scene, the woman (or the alien in the woman) kisses the guy, and the woman (the human in her) slaps him (for his infidelity). And things get even more interesting when it becomes a love square…

The second one I like is Hana Kimi, a manga series from Japan which is also a TV series (which can be viewed on You Tube). The great love triangle happens more in the TV series, as in the manga it was so obvious the second guy is just a comic relief. But in the TV series, Ikuda Toma totally steals the show, and have such great chemistry with the heroine, I am not the only audience thinking, why does the girl even want that other guy? I’ve an earlier post about this series.

Hmmm… can’t think of the third one. I thought about Harry Potter, but honestly the triangle only exists in fan fic, and Rowling has intended Ron and Hermione as a pair from the beginning. As for Jacob and Edward in Twilight, there is no uncertainty, on Bella’s part and my part, whom she falls for, I don’t consider it a great triangle.

Maybe I will revisit this post another day when I think of one.

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  1. I do want to read the Host, I’ve heard it’s good, and I did like the Twilight series. Hope you had a great day and I’ll see what you’re up to tomorrow! 🙂

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