The Host

by Stephenie Meyer

I know there is no need for another The Host review, but I love this book so much I can’t help chirping in.

Wow this certainly is one of the best books I’ve read this year. I think it is the first 10* I’ve given in a while!! Although I have already selected my book for the Best of Swap, I am almost tempted to use this instead. Though I get a feeling someone else will be using this too, so I am back to my original, less popular choice.

When I read this, I have already read Twilight. And while I enjoyed it, it was a bit too formulaic: average school girl meeting perfect guy. A girl who likes book but not exceptionally brainy, clumsy, sucks at sports, broken family, a bit insecure… a profile that fits plenty of target readers. Along comes a guy who is gorgeous looking (and perpetually so), gentlemanly, a superman who is unfailingly there to save your life, ridiculously rich, speeds in a nice sports car (with one hand holding you tight), and who finds you the most desirable creature he’s seen in a hundred years. The perfect boyfriend. Yikes, too calculated to be popular.

However, this book just blows me away. It would be lovely if Rowlings can pull something like this, something that makes me say, well, Harry Potter is great, but this new book is even more brilliant. Here is an author more mature and developed who doesn’t need to stay in the comfort zone.

The story moves along at a good pace, and at moments when a lesser author can happily end the story, Meyer pushes on to bring it to a new level. The plot is richer and less predictable than Twilight. (Well, I haven’t read the later books in the series, so my comparison is only with the first book, and I would imagine Breaking Dawn is likely a better work than Twilight.)

As for the review calling it “the first love triangle involving only two bodies”, well, things get really interesting when it becomes a love rectangle! This book makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me think a lot about good and evil, makes my heart sing for the highest virtue of pureness and love in life. (I have wanted to say in humankind, or in our souls, but in this case it would not be inclusive enough.) It’s simply a superb book. This is a book that makes me want it to continue, I want to hear so much more about the characters, all the characters.

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  2. I too love love loved this book. I also reviewed it as well on my blog! I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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