I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight

by Margaret Cho

I couldn’t say I am a fan of Margaret Cho to start with.  I find her obnoxious and her liberal dose of curse words distasteful; for me, the language has a rich enough vocabulary for expression without having to resort to four-lettered-words.  At least, not at the frequency she does it.  She certainly doesn’t fit into the profile of slim, pretty and polite Asian girl, which I suppose irks a very stereotypical Asian girl like me.

When I listened to her memoir I’m the One That I Want, however, I discovered that behind that bitchy and humorous front is an intelligent, brave soul, which I can relate to much better than her comedian personna.    

This book is a collection of essays read by the author.  It is also available in book format although I can’t imagine not hearing Margaret Cho read the book in her own beautiful voice.  While there are humor in some of the pieces, don’t expect the book to lighten up your day.  As she talks about sexism, racism, politics and war on terrorism, homophobia and apathy, there is so much ranting and anger, a chuckle is far and few in between. 

As the essays are arranged by topics, they could be repetitive though.  The first time you hear her viewpoint about gay marriage, you may say, ah, interesting opinion; but when you listen to it for the hundredth time, it’d be “Point taken.  The dead horse has become ground meat already so can we move on?”

My favorite piece is the one about Anna May Wong.  I didn’t know anything at all about her about the piece is really informative and thought provoking. There are other essays that similarly show me a new angle to see things.

I have shared this audio book with a few people.  My husband thought highly of it, even though he didn’t like Margaret Cho to start with.  My other friend (a white guy) find it completely offensive – I am not sure whether it’s the language or her opinion.  Well, I still find the F*#K’s annoying, and I won’t mind missing them – in fact there are pieces that she herself seems to have forgotten about the word, and the presentation isn’t any less potent.  She speaks from the deepest of her heart, her voice genuine and I find myself enjoying it more than I thought possible.

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