My Country Versus Me: The First-Hand Account by the Los Alamos Scientist Who Was Falsely Accused of Being a Spy

by Wen Ho Lee and Helen Zia

I listened to the audio book.  I had always thought that the accented narration was done by the author himself until I read the journals here.  Now I feel duped.

The book gave me a lot to think about.  First, on hearing the abuse received by Lee, a defenseless, educated, mild mannered old man, I wonder what kind of treatment those with more stigma will receive, and what abuse those at Guantanemo have to go through.

Second, it is simply dirty the way the government leaks information to newspapers, who print it with glee and little verification of the actual facts.  Such a easy way to “kill” and “convict” a person.

Like Lee, I have not been politically active.  While I have friends who organizes and volunteers for civil rights group, I always find the work boring and not as fun and gratifying that, say, washing a homeless dog waiting for adoption.  However, when I read how happy he was to receive letters written to him, how encouraged he was by the news of the civil rights groups, I realize that their work are touching someone, giving them support and helping change someone’s fate.  That they do more than making noises by picketing and sending protest letters to newspapers and TV stations.

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