Meet the Author – Lisa See

I was so glad to make it to Books & Books to meet Lisa See.  She wrote Snow Flower & the Secret Fan, one of my best loved books of 2006.  She was in Miami to promote her new book, Peony in Love.  I haven’t read it yet but know that it’s somewhat based on the Chinese opera The Peony Pavilion, which I briefly studied in high school.

When we arrived on Sunday 4pm, we were amazed at the crowd.  I didn’t realize, but was gladly surprised, by how popular her books are.  When Lisa See came to the podium, Michael whispered that she doesn’t look Asia at all…

She talked about how she started writing about the story Peony in Love.  She was writing some publicity material for the Chinese opera The Peony Pavilion, which would be performed at Lincoln Center in New York in its entirity, the whole 25 hours of it, a feat not done in over 200 years.  During her research, she found that many young girls in ancient China read the book and then fell ill and died.  She also noted that there was a short period of time in China when women were writing and publishing stories  (more details here).

She also mentioned that the book she is working on now is about two sisters from Shanghai arriving in Los Angeles Chinatown, and about her experience as a very white “Chinese” growing up in Chinatown. 

After the talk was the book signing section.  I asked her to sign my copy as addressed to: Dear BookCrosser.  And this is what she wrote:

Dear BookCrosser –
To share with your sworn sisters.
                          Lisa See

When I told pkboo she decided to do the same with her books.  Naturally that got Lisa very curious about what bookcrossing is.  So we told her how we bought multiple copies of books we like and leave them around. “Leave them where?” “Oh, everywhere -” and we started counting the places, coffee shops, Panera… even the Great Wall!

Lisa See signing book

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  1. Azuki,
    GREAT post…loved the story and very glad you gave her the background on BookCrossing!

  2. I enjoyed meeting Lisa See! I haven’t read her books yet, but after hearing her speak, I’m really looking forward to reading them!

    It was nice seeing you and Macaufan there, too! Macaufan got a couple nice pictures.

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