Rescued: Saving Animals from Disaster

by Allen Anderson, Linda Anderson, John Ensign 

Some readers are disappointed that this book isn’t quite what they look for: chokeful of heart-warming rescue and reunion stories of the Katrina pets.  Personally, however, while I like hearing rescue stories, I feel glad that this book is so much more than that.  Honestly, at 300 pages, those stories will get a little stale and repetitive.  I don’t need another Chicken Soup for Animal Lovers. 

This book instead, as its title suggested, contains life-changing stories and practical suggestions.  It gives behind-the-scene stories of how the various organization arrived amidst chaos, facing a disaster of a scale none has seen before, and finally worked together to try their best for the animals.  It introduced me to a lot of animal groups;  for those that I heard of before such as Farm Sanctuary and Best Friends, I learned more of their work and felt proud of my support.  I also got to know about new ones I haven’t heard of (like Shambala, a lovely sanctuary for big cats). 

It brought me thinking about issues like whether we should allow animals into emergency shelters, and whether self-deployed, inexperienced volunteers do more good or harm.  With better understanding I realize that the answer is not as simple as a knee-jerk yes or no.   There was, for example, the story of a dog who was being care for in the backyard of an owner’s friend.  Somehow he was “rescued”, moved to a foster home in another state,  and although it was finally a happy reunion, it was a waste of resource nonetheless.  There was a mention of one (understandably unhappy) man who said that his dog was “rescued” 10 times from his house (where he was staying), so he had to go to the shelter to claim him back.

That said, I was deeply moved by the dog who led the rescuers to his fellow pet bird and fish, and the poor pitbull who tried to chew the water bottles for some water.  I also felt disgust about the man who didn’t want his dog back before it was neutered, or the murder of a school-roomful of pets.

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  1. Thanks for reading and reviewing our book Rescued: Saving Animals from Disaster. We appreciate that you brought it to your readers’ attention. The book brought us full force into the world of animal rescue. We came to admire the heroes who gave up their own comfort to rescue animals after Hurricane Katrina as well as the animal rescuers who do this work every day. The book recently was given the 2007 Outstanding Book Award by ASJA (American Society of Journalists and Authors) award. We hope the award helps get its messages into the mainstream so animals (and their human families) learn the lessons of the past. Again, thanks for choosing our book for your blog. It means a lot to us. –Linda Anderson

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