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I love Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series, and just got wind that the movie is coming up.  The official site is:

The website allows you to find out who your daemon is.  Mine turns out to be a handsome lion Remis.   I love my daemon. Now I really really wish that I have a daemon around so I can give him a good hug. Interestingly I am a Leo, so I guess he’s mine!

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  1. As you can see I’m from Brasil and here we already have the translation of HIS DARK MATERIALS. I read the 3 books and I loved. Philip Pullman is a great writer and I hope to have more books of him to read here.
    It’s very greatfull to know that we have persons like him to show us so wonderful fantasy.
    Congratulations and I expect to hear from Philip Pullman very soon and to have the chance to rear more and more his books.

  2. Cool dæmon! I usually get a tiger (I’ve taken it a couple of times), and I’d also wish that dæmons really did exist, it would be so cool to walk around with a big cat as your eternal companion!

  3. I got a hare when I did that quiz! I’m rather happy with him too. I loove the phillip pullman books! I can’t wait until the next film comes out.

  4. Hey! I got a lion too but his name was Olin…
    I really really wish I had Olin for real now! And I’m a leo too!

  5. Well, I’m from Poland and I have read Dark Materials too. I did test and my daemon is hawk. His name is Rommulus ^^.


    • Looks like they have taken down the quiz after the movie promotion. However, if you google “find your daemon/meet your daemon”, you should be able to come up with some quizzes, though a lot more rudimentary, without the fancy graphics and names.

  7. hay
    i’m curious how did you finnd out what you deamon would be? i tried clicking on the link you posted and it didn’t work.

    • Please see my previous reply. The movie company took down the quiz already.

  8. My daemon’s an Archipelago wolf, named Aurelio.

    • DaemonPage Forum, sorry.

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