A Pale View of Hills

by Kazuo Ishiguro


It’s a really interesting book and I very much wish that my book club will read it, it would make for such interesting discussion. 

It’s a book that you read it, and you somewhat sense that something is not right.  At first you thought that the story doesn’t make sense, then “click”, it dawned on you, you go “aha”, and realize how brilliant a story this is.

I am still curious on some issues though –

1. Is Etsuko pregnant before moving to England? With Niki?
2. Where does the father-in-law fit in? Just a general old men?
3. So did Etsuko have an affair w Frank, then leaves Jiro her husband to go to England? Or the Jiro part was when she was pregnant with Keiko, and then after she left Jiro (or the bomb killed him) she was alone w Keiko when she met Frank? That is, the past Etsuko with Keiko in her belly befriending an Etsuko a few years down the road as a single mother?

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