Blessed are the Cheesemakers

by Sarah-Kate Lynch

From Publishers Weekly:
In the spirit of Chocolat, Lynch’s debut novel is a tender love story told through the medium of food, in this case cheese. In
County Cork, Ireland, Joseph Corrigan and Joseph Feehan, better known as Corrie and Fee, are the aging manufacturers of world-renowned Coolarney Blue. Their chief worry is a conspicuous lack of successors, and the narrative chronicles the solution to their quest in the unlikely but fated convergence of two characters. Abbey Corrigan, granddaughter of worrywart Corrie, who hasn’t seen her in 24 years, sits abandoned on the Pacific Island Ate’ate while her irrigation-obsessed and hypercritical husband gets biblical with the natives. Meanwhile, in
Manhattan, Kit Stephens is a burned-out stockbroker and despondent alcoholic, heartbroken by the recent departure of his wife and now fired from his job. In a series of fantastic coincidences, the two end up at the Coolarney factory, a meeting that will forever change their lives and the future of cheese.

I read the first page, and began to lament the lack of cheese in my refrigerator. I would so love to pour a glass of wine and slice some cheese to accompany my reading. I love cheese, ice cream and chocolate too much to become a vegan. “But thought of those poor cows!” said my vegan friend. I like veggie burger, soy milk and plenty other things, but I truly believe that among China’s five thousand years of history, someone must had experimented and put a cross next to the items like “ice cream”, “yogurt” and “cheese”, with a notation: must make with real milk. I reserve the right that I may change my mind several years down the road, but for now, I continue to allow my decadent body enjoy the sensation of some good cheese.

It doesn’t take long into the book to figure out what the ending must be. The colorful characters do a lovely job to keep the book interesting though. I do agree with one Amazon review that everybody in the book – from Southern Pacific Islander to NY hotshot broker to an Irish girl all sounds alike. But overlooking that, the author does a good job crafting each person and it is a very good debute for the author. And this should make one interesting movie too.

Now, if I could have finished this book with a nice wedge of cheese…

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