(The Vegetarian’s Survival Handbook) Living Among Meat Eaters

by Carol J. Adams

I’m a vegetarian wannabe, and my husband is a vegetarian wanna-wanna-oughta-shoulda-be, whose craving for meat always wins out. We will then end up at a restaurant where the only vegetarian items are my glass of water and the desserts.I heard of this book through some vegetarian online forums, and figure I will need it.

While this book has ammunition of comebacks to comments from meat eaters, the author states very clearly that smart retorts will only serve to alienate people further from vegetarians. She offers wise answers to defuse the tense situations. By categorizing different types of meat eater defense, she helps us target the correct response. There is also practical advice on handling situations when you have to eat out with a group of meat eaters.
Adams’s solution for treating meat eaters is to see them as blocked vegetarians. I don’t know if she was the one who coined the term, but it does help swift our view and consequently our reaction. I do like her attitude a lot better than some vegetarians who plainly display an air of hostility and superiority to meat eaters.

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