Adam’s Curse

by Bryan Skyes
I must stay this book has quite some interesting facts. For example, the use of Y-Chromosome to trace family history (getting a glimpse of family prosperity and fidelity meanwhile); the spread of Genghis Khan’s descedants from Asian Pacific coast to eastern Europe and estimated at 16 million today; the swimming speed of sperms from different m-DNA clusters; the apparent preference of one sex in some families. Is everything a battle between the Y chromosome (in men) and mitochondrial DNA (in women) or plain probability at work? The book also brushes on the hereditary nature of homosexuality, how different species determine sex (or just don’t bother with sexing themselves.); and how some deadly genetic diseases continue to get passed on.

The book is like a journey with many twist and turns, you follow the author as he goes around visiting libraries, labs and shcools in villages and cities in his research. For someone not particularly educated in genetic biology, each turn of corner offers me interesting tib-bits to share with my husband. The author sees reproduction as a a genetic battle and even speculates that male humans are doomed to demise in about 125,000 years. (I prefer not. It won’t be fun to not have men around to put blames on!)

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